A is for Zebra

A is for Zebra was an exhibition about language, alphabet, art, and play. The exhibition was installed at the Charles White elementary school and included artworks from LACMA’s collection as well as three new commissioned artworks. In the spirit of play, the exhibition tried to re-imagine how people could interact with didactic text. For example, Spanish translations of the wall text and labels were superimposed on top of the English, requiring visitors to wear decoder glasses in order to decipher the content. English was printed in red and could be read by wearing the green glasses, Spanish was printed in green and could be read by wearing the red glasses.

The exhibition title was presented as a rebus, featuring a life-sized zebra whose mane, tail and stripes were created out of hairy fabrics. Pet away!







Q&A with curator, Jose Luis Blondet, can be read here.

Photos 1-3, 6 by Howard Pasamanick